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Lighting Design and Drawing Services

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CAD Drawing Service

Planning Permission Drawings

We prepare drawings for submission to your local Council for Outline Planning Permission just let us have a fully dimensioned sketch and let us know of any comments you would like included. We can also prepare drawings for Full Planning permission however we are not qualified to undertake any architectural design work.

House Plans - Office Plans

Scale Plans of a House or Office can be prepared from a fully dimensioned sketch, or if the area is not too complex a site survey can be undertaken

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As Fitted or As Built Drawings

Drawings are often required for Maintenance Manuals and we can provide these from a detailed sketch or marked up drawing.

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Lighting Design and Drawing Services

Is a successful Lighting Design / Lighting Advice Consultancy for Internal and External Commercial Lighting Applications as well as a CAD Drawing Service for the preparation of Plans or Drawings

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Lighting Advice

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Lighting Design Service

We offer a lighting design service for:-

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Lighting Case Studies

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