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Lighting Design and Drawing Services

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As Fitted or As Built Drawings

With the growing demand for Maintenance Manuals the need to detail the specifics of the installation is becoming ever more important. Whether it is the water, gas, heating, electrical, lighting, IT or fire alarm systems we can prepare drawings; all we need is a  sketch of what is required. However if a CAD file is available then we can update this with this information on different layers so that each can be examined and printed. The drawings can be prepared showing your Company Name and Logo if required.

All drawings are prepared on the computer using CAD (Computer Aided Design) which provides good quality results as well as being easy to amend when those inevitable alterations need to be made. The drawings are normally prepared at full size and then scaled to fit the size of paper chosen. The resultant drawings can be printed for you or sent as a file in formats such as Acrobat (.pdf), AutoCad (.dwg) or TurboCad (.tcw).  

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