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Lighting Advice

There was a time many years ago when the choice of lamp types was limited to the humble bulb (filament lamp) at the time they did a magnificent job but the lighting industry has developed and so many new lamp types are now available. Why this development – well over time the filament lamps efficiency improved but when compared with modern day lamp types the same light output can be achieved with less than 10% of the energy and with longer lives. When you add to this the variety of light fittings which are available, the different types of control gear and these days the use of Lighting Controls the options are numerous.

Our expert Lighting Advice is available to guide you through the options to achieve what you are looking for.

Filament Lamp

Lighting Survey to determine Energy Saving

Lamp development, coupled with improvements in the control gear has resulted in a marked increase in efficiency  of the lighting circuit.

It is worth considering:-

If you would like advice on saving energy on your lighting installation, or if you would like a survey of the lighting in your premises and a report prepared on any energy savings achievable, please contact us.

Lighting Controls

The use of controls to reduce lighting energy has been growing over recent decades. This can be as simple as a dimmer or as complex as using:-

If you would like advice or a design prepared on this please contact us.

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