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Lighting Design and Drawing Services

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Lighting Design Service

The approach the professional lighting designer takes to provide a good Lighting Design requires knowledge of the performance of light sources, the optical distribution of luminaires, and of course details of the area to be lit and the task that is performed.

In some cases such as Church Lighting, Office lighting, Floodlighting and Area Lighting the task is normally obvious. However in the case of Hall Lighting and Sports Lighting the tasks can vary depending on the activities in these areas and even in Shop Lighting the differences between Boutiques and Supermarkets could not be more extreme, it is therefore essential that a full brief of the uses of the area to be lit are known. In many cases the use of an area such as Hall or Sports Area can be varied in which case the Lighting Design must be capable of accommodating all requirements. This can often be achieved by the use of lighting controls to either switch or dim the luminaires.

The details of the area to be lit can be provided either by the supply of plans elevations and photographs or by a survey which can be undertaken if preferred.

From these details a lighting design will be prepared which will: -

In addition a report will be prepared which will show the position of the luminaires, a schedule of the equipment required together with an iso-lux plot showing the predicted lighting result and a visual representation if requested.

 Lighting Layout Drawing

Typical Example of a lighting Design

Iso-lux Plot

Lighting Layout

Predicted lighting result

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