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Lighting Design and Drawing Services

Mail: info@ldandds.co.uk

Site Survey

If you cannot provide a dimensioned sketch and the area is not too complex then let us know and a site survey will carried out and a drawing prepared.  

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Plan Drawing Service

Planning Application Drawings and Plans.

All drawings are prepared using CAD (Computer Aided Design) so producing good quality results as well as being easy to amend when those inevitable alterations need to be made. The drawings are normally prepared at full size and then scaled to fit the size of paper chosen. The resultant drawings can be printed for you or sent as a file in formats such as Acrobat (.pdf), AutoCad (.dwg) or TurboCad (.tcw).  

Planning Application Drawings

If you are proposing to extend your existing property or planning to build new we are able to prepare the drawings you require to obtain Planning Approval or Outline Planning Permission. All drawings will show the proposed plans and elevations and in the case of extensions, details of the existing building. In addition a map of the area with the plot outlined will be shown to indicated the exact location of the premises. Please Note - We are not qualified to undertake a structural design but we are happy to provide your chosen Architect with the computer file which can be used to build up the full construction drawings.

Provide us with a fully dimensioned sketch or drawing and we will prepare the CAD drawing for submission to the Authorities.

Property Drawings

Dimensioned plans, elevations, sections and if required 3D drawings can be prepared of your building whether it is a house or office block. A fully dimensions sketch needs to be provided.

Building Plan