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Interior Lighting Design for

Factories, Offices, Churches, Halls, Shops, Sports Halls etc. (sorry no domestic premises)


As an independent designer the choice of luminaires and lamp types selected is based purely on suitability and cost rather than being tied to a manufacturer. So those using this Lighting Design Service know that it has been tailored to meet their needs.

To provide this service my minimum requirement is a dimensioned plan and elevation of the area to be lit and an indication of what activity occurs within it, if it is an existing building then photographs assist. In general, the more information provided the more accurate the result.

From this information I will prepare a lighting design and provide a report detailing the proposals backed up by a computer print-out showing the proposed luminaire layout and lighting result in the form of an iso-lux diagram (a graph showing the predicted lighting levels over the area). Frequently more detail is required, e.g., a drawing for the Architect/ Electrical Contractor and a 3D computer model of the area showing the predicted lighting result

Iso-Lux Diagram

Computer Generated Lighting Result

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CAD Drawing Service

Exterior Lighting Design for

Floodlighting of Buildings, Area Lighting, Security lighting, Car Parks, Sports Areas etc.

Lighting Design Service

During the 60+ years that I have been in the lighting business the lighting industry and the design techniques have changed significantly, however the underlying principle of providing the correct amount of light in the right place in a pleasing way has remained constant.

Mail: info@ldandds.co.uk

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St Paul’s Church - Haywards Heath - W. Sussex

Main Hall - Eye Town Hall - Suffolk

Women’s .Institute. Hall - Tatsfield - Kent

The Barn Emporium - Petersfield - Hampshire

Bessels Green Baptist Church Hall and Crèche - Kent

Light Pollution and Dark Sky Requirements

When external lighting is proposed it frequently requires planning permission. Part of the application will require an indication of the spill light on the surrounding area and calculations to show that the lighting levels on neighbour’s windows will not exceed certain levels or add significantly to light pollution. This information is included in my report, it can also frequently be prepared for existing installations where retrospective planning permission is required.

For an accurate price please contact me, providing details of the area to be lit and we will be pleased to send you a quotation.

Ecological Planning Permission

Sales Forecourt - Premier Autocentres - Sidcup - Kent

Security Lighting - St Michael’s Primary School, Highgate, London

Increasingly developers are being required to submit predicted light pollution levels to Natural England to ensure that the development will not have a detrimental effect on the wildlife in the surrounding area such as bats, field mice etc.

When provided with the building plans, layouts, lighting specifications and fencing details then plots can be prepared indicating the predicted lighting levels over the surrounding area for interpretation by an Ecologist and submission to the authorities.

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